I can be emailed: steve@haccped.com or call 541-997-7737.”

Main focus;  Currently I am a HACCP trainer and consultant. HACCP stands for Hazard Alalysis Critical Control Points. I certify Managers and Chefs Worldwide using FDA and USDA protocols.

This is a program companies need to do wholesale business using FDA and USDA protocols. These programs have been keeping people safe since the late 1950’s. All of our standards are based on Inernational Codex standards and meet GFSI standards.

Our programs are valid with all HACCP auditors, AIB, NSF, AIB relating to HACCP certification being required by USDA and FDA standards to have one person HACCP manager certified per shift of operation.  Our course is not written by educators but by scientists, chefs, cooks, and sanitarians and evolved since the late 50’s.  We try to reduce the confusion in making compliance while keeping things simple so your plans are streamlined, easy to use update and audit.  We also provide third party HACCP verification or audits using FDA and USDA standards and prepare you for those audits. 

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I also provide consulting for menu writing, staff training, kitchen flow, production management and upgrades along wtih many different kitchen designs.  I have many years of “Cook Chill” aka Sous Vide experience.  I was a food service equipment specialist at the Southern California Gas Company’s Foodservice Connection and put on more than one Cook Chill training event.   Many of my food safety clients operate cook chill facilities. 

Contact:  541-997-7737 or steve@haccped.com.